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Car Lock Replacement in Boynton Beach FL

Car Lock Replacement in Boynton Beach FL

A man who posed as a locksmith in order to case homes for burglary was arrested Tuesday. Police say Joshua Levy used a fake website and a name with just one letter off from a legitimate company in Palm Beach. He allegedly did shoddy work and overcharged. He also asked customers to write checks to him personally, not the company.


Our residential Car Lock Replacement in Boynton Beach FL includes the installation of high-security deadbolts, push bars, and Medeco locks as well as re-keying existing locks. We also offer residential emergency lockout service. Contact our team of experienced locksmiths for all your home needs.

A Boynton Beach man has been arrested on burglary and fraud charges after misrepresenting himself as a legitimate locksmith. Joshua Levy, 46, charged inflated prices for minor work. He was arrested Tuesday, police said. He was taken to the Palm Beach County jail.


A man was arrested Tuesday on burglary and fraud charges after police he pretended to be a locksmith for a West Palm Beach company in order to steal money from customers. Police say the man, 46-year-old Joshua Levy, created a website with a name that was very similar to Wilson Rowan Locksmith but one letter off. The website would direct people to call a number that would be answered by the fake locksmith, who then either doesn’t do the work or charges inflated prices. He then asks for a check to be written to him personally, not the company. Police nabbed him in a sting operation conducted by the Organized Crime, Vice, and Narcotics Unit.


Boynton Beach is a coastal city with hundreds of restaurants, outdoor lifestyle shopping centers and a regional mall. The city is also home to a thriving cultural scene, offering live entertainment and lively activity throughout the week.

Job requires the ability to wear and use a hard hat/helmet, hearing protection, safety glasses/goggles, gloves, and work clothing. Exposure to moving mechanical parts, vibration, dust, vapors, fumes, mist, smoke, electric currents, bright/dim light, extreme temperatures and noise.

The company supplies latches, locksets, and keys for automobiles, trucks, buses and other transportation-related products. The company’s primary customers are OEM automotive manufacturers, aftermarket companies, and Car Lock Replacement in Boynton Beach FL.


As long as there have been locks, thieves, and vandals have been trying to break them open. While modern locks have made great strides in security, they are not immune to attack by skilled thieves and vandals. For this reason, it is important to have a quality lock service firm in Boynton Beach that can handle any kind of emergency.

Businesses of every size and nature rely on commercial locksmith services to protect their expensive equipment and valuable data. Boynton Beach Lock And Key offers a complete range of commercial locksmith services in and around Boynton Beach, FL. Our technicians can handle anything from basic office lock repairs to high-security access control systems.

The City of Boynton Beach offers a competitive benefits package, including Health Insurance Dental, Vision and Supplemental Life Insurance 457 Savings Plan (three options) 12 Paid Holidays Student Loan Forgiveness and more! Apply online or visit one of our job fairs! The City of Boynton Beach is an Equal Opportunity Employer.