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Lost Mary MO5000 Lemon Sparkling Wine Disposable Vape Review

Lost Mary MO5000 Lemon Sparkling Wine Disposable Vape Review

The Lost Mary MO5000 Lemon Sparkling Wine range of disposable vapes comes in a variety of mouth-to-lung flavors. Made by the same manufacturer as the popular Elf Bar BC5000, these devices are simple, streamlined and effective.

Lemon Sparkling Wine is a refreshing and sophisticated flavor that blends zesty lemon with subtle effervescence from sparkling wine.

E-Juice Flavor

The Lemon Sparkling Wine Lost Mary MO5000 rechargeable vape flavor delivers a sophisticated and effervescent taste experience. This flavor blends a mix of sweet and tangy lemon flavors with sparkling wine. You will love the delicate balance of effervescence and tartness with each puff.

Other flavor options for the Lost Mary MO5000 include:

Kiwi Dragon Duo Ice: This tropical fusion of exotic kiwi and perfect dragon fruit is balanced with a pure menthol taste, creating a thoughtful balance of tropical sweetness and icy coolness that will transport you to a blissful puff paradise.

Watermelon Cherry

The watermelon and cherry e-liquid from Lost Mary is an invigorating flavor combination that will keep you going all day long. Watermelon Cherry also combines a sweet Alphonso mango with ripe peach, making it an irresistible flavor profile for your taste buds.

E-Juice Strength

A vibrant flavor that combines the zesty tang of lemons with the sparkling effervescence of wine. This refreshing taste is a truly enchanting vaping experience that energizes and enlivens the senses.

The sweet watermelon flavor in this Lost Mary MO5000 is just right – it’s refreshing without being too heavy or sugary. This is one of my favorite fruit flavors from Lost Mary so far!

Ginger Beer

This Lost Mary MO5000 rechargeable device offers a unique combination of light lemon and ginger beer flavors with a touch of ice. It’s a great vape for relaxing at home or socializing with friends.

Refresh your senses with the delicious taste of ripe blackberry and raspberry combined with a tangy lemon zest. The subtle ice level adds just enough cooling sensation to make this a perfect summer vape. The vapor is smooth, but the flavor isn’t overpowering. This is a must-try for anyone who loves a bold fruit blend.

E-Juice Type

Discover an enchanting blend that combines the zesty tang of lemons and the joyous effervescence found in sparkling wine. This remarkable flavor profile enchants your taste buds from start to finish.

Enjoy a refreshing experience with this delicious Blue Trio Lost Mary MO5000 vape. This combination of blackberries, raspberries, and lemons satisfies your cravings for a fruity and invigorating experience. The ice level is perfect, exposing just the right amount of coolness without compromising the fruit flavors.

Feel refreshed with this icy mint and citrus blend. The Lemon Sparkling Wine Lost Mary MO5000 features a 10ml capacity that will last you throughout your day. This disposable vape is designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping and starts producing vapor as soon as you draw on the device. It comes with a built-in 1.2-ohm mesh coil and offers consistent and smooth vapor production. Its durable soft-plastic body is a pleasure to hold, and it stands up well when placed on a flat surface.

E-Juice Bottle

Lemon Sparkling Wine is a sophisticated vaping experience that combines the zesty tang of lemons with the joyous effervescence of sparkling wine. It is a perfect beverage for any occasion and will delight your taste buds.

The bottle itself can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with glass bottles offering a premium look and feel that many manufacturers prefer for branding purposes. Tinted bottles can also improve visibility and protect the liquid from light and UV rays. Bottles can feature either a nozzle or needle cap, and most of them have child-proof caps as requested by law.

These caps are designed to easily administer e-liquid into the internal tube of a vape device. They are thinner than other types of caps and require less precision to use. They also allow for better control when dispenseing the liquid, which can be useful when you need to fill a small-capacity cartridge. Moreover, they can be opened easily by pressing on the top of the cap.