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Veterinarian Clinic in San Diego CA

Emergency Care

When your pet experiences a medical emergency, you want prompt and thorough care. This type of care can often be obtained by visiting a veterinary urgent care facility. Veterinary Urgent Care has become a popular alternative to going to a hospital emergency room for non-life-threatening conditions. Hospitals are often overwhelmed and require a long wait time for an appointment. Additionally, a visit to an emergency room can be quite expensive.

Fortunately, there are many Veterinarian Clinic in San Diego CA that offer after hours veterinary services. To help you find an after-hours animal emergency near you, we have compiled a list of nearby options below. Call ahead to let the facility know you are on your way and follow any instructions provided to ensure your pet is safe while waiting for treatment.


The vets at the hospital perform routine surgeries such as spay and neuter, dental cleanings, amputations, minor lacerations and more. They are also trained in performing emergency and specialty surgeries. The surgeons at the clinic are highly skilled and provide the best possible care for your pets. Before surgery, your pet will need to have blood tests done. This is a very important step as it can detect even minor organ dysfunction. It also helps your pet to handle the anesthetic better. If the blood work shows an issue, your veterinarian may need to postpone the surgery until it is corrected. Your pet will need pain medications after surgery, but the amount depends on the type of procedure performed.

Your pet will need to be on an empty stomach for surgery. Withhold all food and water for 8 to 10 hours before the surgery.

Geriatric Care

Keeping your senior pet healthy requires regular wellness visits at the Veterinarian Clinic in San Diego CA. These appointments help your pet stay healthy by preventing diseases and managing existing conditions. They also help you identify changes in your pet’s condition and treatment plan as he or she ages.

Some hospitals in the area provide geriatric care services. These are accredited by the state of California and have staff trained to work with older adults. Geriatric emergency departments focus on providing quality care to elderly patients and are equipped with special equipment to handle the unique needs of this population.

Sharp Hospital provides seniors with a range of information and resources to support them in staying independent and living well at home. Their senior resource centers offer free health education classes, flu shots and access to local specialists and services. They also offer transportation programs for seniors to access health care and other community resources.